Product Name : 法蘭型蝶閥



    Product Character

    The valves can be divided into long body type or short body type according to the flange end distance.

    The valves can be divided into horizontal type or vertical type according to the valve shaft direction.

    The structure can be designed into straight shaft, single eccentric, dual eccentric or tri-eccentric structure.

    Driving mode: manual gear, pneumatic actuator and motor actuator.

    Scope of applications: Tap water, sewage, seawater, chemical fluid, gas, etc.

    To meet the demands of different systems, the materials of the parts for the valve body, disc, shaft, seat and

        others can be produced according to the requirements of our customers.

    The valve body or disc of the pipeline used in the seawater can be of rubber-lined design to prevent corrosion.